Renée Reznek

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Review by Sadie Harrison from International Piano Magazine

Renée is a distinguished performer with a wide and varied repertoire. She specialises in Twentieth century and contemporary music and has given many first performances of works, many of which have been written for her.

Interview with Renee on Arise News, June 2015

Press from South Africa Tour 2015

'Recital celebrates Mandela'
Click the image to read the review in the Cape Times Feb 2015 of Renee's performance of 'Hade Tata' - Neo Muyanga's evocative commissioned piece.

Click here to read the review of Renee's recital at the Johannesburg International Mozart Festival. The photo below was taken at Northwards House in Johannesburg before her recital at the Johannesburg International Mozart Festival on 29th Jan 2015.

"A stunning recital by Renee Reznek. She leads when it comes to South African music, What a pianist!"
Peter Klatzow


The sheer intelligence of Renée Reznek’s pianism was a delightful discovery ... a superbly clear and crystalline account of Schoenberg’s Suite Opus 25, the part-writing perfectly weighted, each dance movement charged with irrepressible wit and energy. Music and Musicians

Schoenberg is coming of age to judge by Renée Reznek’s performance of the Piano Suite Opus 25. Miss Reznek’s was a masterful reading pianistically and intellectually. The Daily Telegraph

Not the least achievement of Renée Reznek was in making Debussy’s Second Book of Images sound just as new and strange as they must have seemed to ears in 1907 with her microscopic, almost clinical care for the weight and shade of detail. The Times

Miss Reznek has become a skilled platform performer as well as remaining a rewarding interpreter ... quite special talents. Financial Times

Miss Reznek, who possesses a formidable technique, gave an impressive performance. Her playing was crystal clear, always stylish and had a classical line. A sensitive player, she captured the sheer exhilaration of the Mozart A major concerto K414. Cape Times

A fascinating and distinguished recital ... an artist of scrupulous sensitivity and intelligence. Daily Telegraph

Tuesday evening’s Purcell Room recital … reminded one that an all-20th century programme can, after all, touch and delight as diversely as the music of any other age when so nicely contrasted and pellucidly played … Certainly I have rarely heard a clearer, less contorted account of Schoenberg’s Five Pieces Opus 23. The Sunday Telegraph

A magnificently played recital. Incisive, authoritative playing. Cambridge Evening News

A model of expressive clarity. Her playing was crisp, elegantly phrased and rich in dynamic contrast ... A refreshing, invigorating recital. Natal Mercury

Authoritative manner and complete assurance of technique placed at the service of the music … a bold and brilliant advocate of 20th Century repertoire. Miss Reznek produced an iridescent range of colours from the instrument, giving complex polyphonic passages an almost orchestral lucidity. She played Bartók’s Improvisations on Hungarian Peasant Songs Opus 20 with a glittering style and a sense of idiom and hot-blooded Magyar fire which would no doubt have delighted her teacher, Gyorgy Sandor. Natal Daily News

Miss Reznek approached Schoenberg's Piano Suite Opus 25 like an old friend to bring out its romantic and rhetorical characteristics. The Guardian

On Stravinsky Sonata: Renee Reznek's performance was a vibrant mix of textural dryness and piquant flavour with a touch or two of seductive cantabile in the slow movement.The outer sections highlighted some beautifully interlocked dialogue between hands.
On Berg Sonata Opus1 :With her uncanny introspection Miss Reznek missed none of the music's more intimate desolation besides disentangling the closely woven strands with great clarity.
On Schoenberg Piano Pieces Opus 23: Miss Reznek played with compelling clarity and conviction. Cape Argus

On Bartok Suite Opus 14: A penetrating, accomplished and often exciting performance. I have rarely heard the Allegro Molto section played with such fire and technical brilliance.
On Johan Cloete's He who shall rise up his soul shall see its colours: Miss Reznek produced an iridescent range of colours from the instrument, giving complex polyphonic passages an almost orchestral lucidity. Natal Daily News

Expressive clarity coupled with ferocious intensity made the Boulez Sonata No 1 an absorbing experience. Natal Mercury